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Mining in Rwanda started in the early 1930s and since then the mining sector has undergone wide reforms and is now Rwanda’s second-largest export revenue earner in the country. In 2017, the sector generated $373.4 Million of foreign exchange.

Rwanda’s mineral resources include Cassiterite, Coltan, wolfram, peat (used for electricity generation or processed as an alternative for firewood), gold and Nickel.

The country has other precious stones such as amphibolite, granites, quartzite, volcanic rocks, clay, sand and gravel.

Rwanda produces between 8,000 and 9,000 tons of mineral compounds every year and the amount of money depends on the market pricing dynamics. Gold mining and export has recently emerged to have big potential.

Rwanda is among the top producers of Tantalum, producing about 9% of the world’s Tantalum used in electronics manufacturing.

In addition to that, Rwanda is now home to two refineries of gold and tin, both of which have the capacity to process large amounts of minerals from within the country and the region.Rwanda has a mineral tagging and sealing scheme, internationally recognized as a member of the iTSCi program that ensures that the origins of the minerals can be traced in order to avoid conflict financing, human rights abuses, or other malpractices such as bribery in mineral supply chains.

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