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Gold, Zinc +



Estimated Reserves




According to the number of mineral substances very important, we can quote:

Gold: found everywhere in the country;

Diamond: we have found several occurrences in the central region in hard rock and in alluviums in southern regions of Comoé, Mouhoun, Léraba and Sissili basin.

Copper: with deposits in the region of Gaoua, Dienemera – Gongondy , Wayen, and Goren, with 80 million tons reserved (at 0.25% and at 0.35% );

Zinc: with the important massive sulfide deposits of Perkoa that contains more than 6.9 million mining tons with 18% of zinc and 20g/ of silver ton;
lead: we have an indication of Gan near Tougan.

Manganese: Near Tambao that the deposit contains more than 19 million mining ton with 52% of manganese and this of Kéré ready to be worked.

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