Chromite Investment Opportunities in Ethiopia

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Chromite showings are reported in Sidamo, Wollega, and Tigray regions. The mineral is not systematically explored anywhere except for reported sporadic indications. Hence it requires more close investigations with its associated serpentinite bodies all over the country. The indicated occurrences are lens-shaped boulders of different sizes and shapes, lenticular bodies, pods with a various grain size distribution, and uniformly with Cr2O4 greater than 45%. chromite seam indication is not seen.

Chromite occurrence in Sidamo is bounded between 380 30’E to 420 00’E and 40 00’N to 60 30’N, in Wollega it is bounded between 340 30’E to360 00’E and 80 00’N to 100 00’N but the occurrence in Tigray is not well located.

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