Tiris Uranium Project

Quick Facts

Tiris Zemmour, Mauritania




10.9 MT


336 ppm





It is located on the Paleoproterozoic rocks of the Reguibat Craton that are primarily granitoids, meta-sediments, and volcanics, generally of high metamorphic grade. The rocks containing low uranium content appear to be pale grey medium-grained granite with coarse phenocrysts of plagioclase. The higher uranium content rocks are mildly hot granite that appears to be finer-grained pink porphyritic granites, which are typically fractured and foliated. Uranium mineralization is formed in 1 to 12m-thick shallow horizontal tabular bodies, hosted in weathered granite and granitic sediments. Vanadium is found with uranium in carnotite, as potassium uranium vanadate.

Project Owner

Aura owns 100% of the Tiris Project. Aura Energy entered a non-binding memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Curzon Uranium Trading (Curzon) in January 2019, for the supply of 800,000lbs of uranium from the Tiris project for seven years. Curzon also holds an option to purchase a further 1.8Mlbs of uranium from the project. Aura has secured a funding of A$2m ($1.36m) from Lind Partners in the form of a convertible note, which was used for the completion of the Tiris DFS and Häggån scoping study.

Project Status

Open-pit dry mining methods using bulldozers, excavators, and trucks will be applied at the Tiris uranium project. Strip mining will be implemented to transfer waste to the previously mined area. Mining is proposed to be conducted at three Lazare resources over the first six years of the mine life. The mined ore will be transported to run-of-mine (ROM) stockpiles and conveyed to the wet drum rotary scrubber using a feed hopper followed by coarse and fine screening. The processing plant will include a beneficiation circuit, uranium extraction circuit, and uranium purification and precipitation circuit. The ore will be subject to alkaline leaching, solid-liquid separation, and ion exchange at the uranium extraction circuit.


The project can be reached through the access road to Zouerat. Power will be sourced from the main power station located adjacent to the processing plant, in addition to diesel generators. The main power plant will include a combination of diesel and solar generation systems, to be supplied under a five-year build, own, operate (BOO) contract. Water required for the project is proposed to be sourced from the nearby extensive drainage system Oued El Foule Depression, located within 20km from the plant site. Workers will be accommodated at the 146-person accommodation camp on-site.

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