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Harare, Zimbabwe




1,354,501 Oz







The Iron Cap – Pearson gold prospect is hosted the Arcturus Formation and Passaford Formations of the Harare Greenstone Belt. The Harare Greenstone Belt is a complex basement sequence of meta-volcanic ranging in composition from pyroclastic felsic to extrusive basaltic, interbedded with a variety of meta-sediments (Campbell and Pitfield, 1994).

It almost completely envelops the Chinamora Igneous Complex, a sub-elliptical multi-pluton granitoid-gneiss- migmatite complex. The greenstone belt comprises four geographical segments: the Enterprise belt (or Arcturus limb) on the south side, the Harare-Mazowe belt (or Passaford limb) on the west side, the Bindura belt on the north side and the Shamva belt on the east/north-east side.

Project Owners

The project is 100% owned by Iron Cap. The project is available for transfer/sale.

Project Status

The project is currently in exploration. The Iron Cap concession comprises two large blocks of claims covering the southern end of the Iron Mask Range. The northern group of claims is about 400m west of the east corner beacon of Springvale Farm, where it was believed to have a huge ore reserve in 1935.

In 1937, 554 t of ore has been crushed for an output of 2.084 kg of gold recovered at a grade of 4 g/t. Poor grades were attributed to the difficulty in catching gold. The mine was developed by adits, the lowest one of which is about 110 m below the crest of the hill. The southern group of claims had been producing gold for some time in the hands of small workers when the company acquired it. In 1935-36, it crushed 9,732 t of ore, which gave 25.97 kg of gold by direct cyanidation a return of 2.7 g/t.

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35KM from Harare the capital of Zimbabwe and home to its International Airport

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