Okaba Coal Block

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Quick Facts

Okaba, Nigeria




250 million MT +


23.91 MJ/Kg





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Coal occurs within the Cretaceous Mamu Formation at the base of the Enugu Escarpment. Exploration: Known coal deposits within the area are located on the eastern flank of the Anambra. Coal Basin, and occupy an area of approx. 145,600 hectares. These resource estimates exclude coal that is less than 1.5m thick. These resources appear to be amenable to underground mining utilising long wall and surface contour mining along the outcrop. 274,000 ha of the deposit is unexplored to the north, south, and down dip to the west from the drilled and sampled area. The identified resources of the estimated coal thickness range from 1.7 to 3.7m and averages 2.59m. The coal quality averages 23.91 MJ/Kg (5,711 Kcal/Kg or 10,280 Btu), 8.43% ash, and 0.65% sulphur on an as-received basis.

Available Data

Geological maps
Borehole logs
Results of geochemical analysis
Physico-chemical properties


Accessible by road
Access to Airport- Enugu and Port Harcourt
Access to inland waterways and seaport
Telephone- GSM Service
Electricity- National Electricity Power Supply
Export Processing Zones and Free Trade Zones

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