Obi Lafia Coal Block

Quick Facts

Obi, Nigeria




128 Million MT +


Medium Coking





Coal bearing beds (seams) within the Lower and Upper Coal Measures of the Agwu Formation. 20 Coal seams occur within the Lower Coal Measure while 16 are in the Upper Coal Measure. The deposit occurs within the Giza anticline and partly within the Obi syncline.  

  • A geological and geophysical survey carried out (1:10,000). 
  • 138 core holes were drilled ranging from 80m and 520m depth. 
  • 2 shafts were sunk to depths of 28m and 32m. 
  • Over 36,000m of drill core were sampled and studied. 
  • 36 coal seams were identified. 
  • 3,366 samples were analyzed for various parameters. 
  • Coal is classified as a medium coking type. 
Resource Estimation
  • Results of the investigation put the Obi coal deposit at a total reserve of 128.3 million tonnes. 
Date Available
  • Large-scale geological and geophysical maps. 
  • Borehole logs, cross-sections, Mine plan, and design. 
  • Results of geochemical analysis. 
  • Physico-chemical properties. 



Obi Local Govt. Area, Nasarawa State (North Central Nigeria).

  • Accessible by road (30km from Obi town, Nasarawa State). 
  • Access to Airports in Enugu and Port Harcourt.
  • Access to inland waterways and seaport. 
  • Telephone- GSM Service. 
  • Electricity- National Electricity Power Supply
  • Export Processing Zones and Free Trade Zones. 

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