Matunga Uranium Project

Quick Facts

Siavonga, Zambia




74.6 MT


273 ppm of triuranium octoxide





Matunga uranium deposits are located within the Karoo Supergroup, thick sedimentary strata spread across most part of southern Africa, which was formed during the late Carboniferous to late Triassic period.

Uranium mineralisation at Matunga is found disseminated in mudstones, siltstones, pyrites as well as in pore spaces, joints and other fractures hosted within the 400m-thick Escarpment Grit Formation of the Karoo Supergroup in southern Zambia.

Project Owner

The uranium project is being undertaken by GoviEx Uranium (100%), a Canada-based mineral resource company focused on African uranium properties, which is also developing the Madaouela uranium project in Niger.

Project Status

Matunga will be a conventional, shallow, open-cast mining operation involving drilling, blasting, loading and hauling, as the economic uranium mineralisation is found within 125m of surface.

The run-of-mine ore will be trucked to three separate ore preparation and leach areas adjacent to the pits, where it will undergo two-stage crushing, agglomeration and acid heap leaching. The leach solution will be sent to the central processing facility for uranium oxide production


The project site will be accessed through a 26km new sealed road connected to the Siavonga Highway at Lusitu.

Matunga mine will get electricity supply via a new 66kV transmission line connected to the nearby Chirundu substation. 

Process water for the project will be sourced either from bore wells or from the Kafue and Zambezi rivers located near the project site.

Other infrastructure will include waste rock dumps, ore stockpiles, mine workshops, mine camp, sewage treatment plant, raw water tank, administration building and an assay laboratory.

Available Data

Preliminary Economic Assessment

Aeromagnetic and radiometric survey

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