Enegbaki Akpogu Iron Ore

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Koton Karfe, Nigeria




27.15 million MT







The geological setting of the project area is similar to the Koton-Karfe and Agbaja iron ore deposit. The area lies within the Bida-Basin. It is a shallow trough filled with marine to floriated strata of Campanian- Maastrichtian age. The deposit occurs as sedimentary ores of Oolitic ironstones, consisting of Oolitic and Pisolitic iron stones extending from the Koton-Karfe ridges. The iron ore bearing steep slope plateau trends in a NE-SW direction with an average height of 263m above sea level.


Exploration carried out in an area of approx. 1km2
Twenty-five core holes drilled to depths between 21 and 42m.
The thickness of the iron ore body range from 7.02m to 16.32m.
Available Data include; Geological Maps, Contour Maps, Core-logs, Sections, Analytical Data and Reports.


It is located at Enegbaki Akpogu, Koton-Karfi LGA, Kogi State. About 9km east of Akpogu village along Abuja-Lokoja road.


Accessible by road.
Access to Airports- Abuja, Makurdi and Enugu.
Access to inland waterways and seaport.
Export Processing Zones and Free Trade Zones.
Telephone- GSM Service


1. Applying for mineral titles with a view of wholly owning the mining rights.

2. Partnering with existing titleholders for detailed exploration as consultants and specialists.

3. Partnering with existing titleholders in a joint venture agreement to explore, mine and market resources of the area of interest.

4. Legal transaction in commodities won in quarries and operations for export.


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