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Zambian energy crisis opening way to clean energy for the country and its mines

The energy crisis in Zambia had created a situation in which the country could combine increasing its electricity generation capacity with a simultaneous transition to low-carbon renewable energy sources. This was pointed out to Mining Weekly Online by Zambian State-owned group ZCCM Investments Holdings board chairperson Dolika Banda in an exclusive interview at the Mining Indaba 2022 conference in Cape Town, on Thursday. “Our energy situation is untenable,” she affirmed. “Electricity is unreliable and power outages are frequent. Many have to use generators, which is costly. This situation is not sustainable. Zambia has traditionally been reliant on hydroelectric power, but the Kariba dam has not been adequately maintained for decades, and variable rainfall in recent years often reduces the hydroelectric generation capacity. So Zambia has no choice but to look at alternative forms of energy.”

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