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Technology Metals Snapshot: Eight juniors with properties to watch

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With demand for electric vehicles, batteries, and greener energy storage options expected to rise in the years ahead, many juniors are on the hunt for technology metals,’ a broad category that includes cobalt, copper, nickel, platinum group elements, graphite, lithium, rare earth elements, and silver, among others.

ACME Lithium

An outcrop at Acme Lithium’s Fish Valley lithium project in Nevada. Credit: Acme Lithium.

ACME Lithium (CSE: ACME; US-OTC: ACLHF) has two lithium projects in Nevada’s Esmeralda County in the United States — the Clayton Valley and Fish Lake Valley projects. Both projects are within 322 km or a three and a half hour drive of Tesla’s Gigafactory.

In May it signed an option agreement with GeoXplor Corp. to acquire a 100% interest in 64 claims encompassing about 1,280 acres and consisting of the CC, CCP, JR and SX placer claims, together known as the Clayton Valley project, about 306 km from Las Vegas. Once ACME Lithium completes the earn-in, GeoXplor will retain a 3% gross overriding royalty; ACME may buy back one half of the royalty during the three years following the start of commercial production for $1.5 million.

In June, the company added 58 new claims to the project, encompassing about 1,160 acres contiguous to the CC, CCP and SX claims.

The Clayton Valley property’s claims are located directly south of Albemarle’s (NYSE: ALB) Silver Peak lithium mine, the only lithium brine operation in production in North America. To the east, the project borders Pure Energy Minerals’ (TSXV: PE; US-OTC: PEMIF) Clayton Valley project, which it is developing with strategic investor Schlumberger Technology.

Historic drilling and geophysical surveys show that ACME Lithium’s claims cover basin-fill sediments and aquifers similar to the sediments currently producing lithium brines in the area. The company is interpreting geophysical survey data and results, and is developing drill targets to test indicated and prospective aquifers.

The Fish Lake Valley project consists of 81 claims (1,620 acres) and is about 40 km from the Clayton Valley project, and about 274 km from Las Vegas. The company notes that geophysics have found that the fine sediments at Fish Lake Valley are the same age as the occurrences at Clayton Valley and that some beds are enriched in lithium. Initial mapping and sampling on the property in 2016 returned values of up to 600 parts per million lithium in mudstones, and sampling in 2018 returned values of up to 370 ppm lithium.

This year the work program at Fish Lake Valley includes drilling to test the economic potential of the lithium claystone and identify new targets for further exploration, as well as mapping, sampling and geophysics.

The company says it is also looking to acquire and develop additional projects.

ACME Lithium has a market capitalization of C$21 million ($16.7m).

First Cobalt

The only fully permitted cobalt refinery capable of producing battery grade material in North America is located in Ontario, Canada. (Image courtesy of First Cobalt.)

First Cobalt’s (TSXV: FCC; US-OTC: FTSSF) flagship asset is the only permitted refinery in Canada that is undergoing an expansion to produce cobalt and other battery materials.  Permits and building infrastructure are all in place and the refinery could be operational as early as 2022. First production is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2022, at which time the refinery will produce 25,000 tonnes of battery grade cobalt sulphate per year, or about 5% of the world’s total cobalt production. The company says it also intends to process black mass from recycled batteries.

In March, First Cobalt signed a five-year offtake agreement with Stratton Metal Resources for the sale of future cobalt sulphate. That deal followed one in January with Glencore and China’s IXM, a subsidiary of China Molybdenum Company, under which the two companies will supply the refinery with 4,500 tonnes of cobalt a year over five years from their two mines in Africa — KCC and Tenke Fungurume.

The refinery, located north of Toronto in Ontario, is about he re Onta datentorDae he re Onta[,eyrica — KCC and Tenke Fungurumgie ofby ad cad resailInitperatio for dat1996o pr18 5,roducing babalt, cockel, nd silver, .as Vt Decbers<,tentorDae hefedals ger fnnt wid the reoduvcluis ger fnnt wi Totario, jnter as nnnd c a fi$10illion ($vestornt witowardthe onpitalizabas of 81e project b/p>

In Marica Sthe company adFungancedg inf ofIntorediekabalt, -pper, roject in NeIdah ise in 81e prf taprima coullt a depositin the arrld† PeAnp tdad refiurce Datoratioen Nortvbers

The company sakkel,dffta fi$2 million.< (500 tetalre)xploration, rogram atiJune, ta[,eyricaject-pe of Tedolish inf offiurce Daer firicant elo miill tasst,s.dehe codepositffiins":perano the sest, nd otwt thalg otrucikes well as mawn-tadip.  storic drdergoiund e-velop ant widtfIntorediekacludes de re talre"f 20illfng geom theie andtio

InOMay it11First Cobalt siquire adlaims to the prwt th 20Intorediek,halg otrucikesa[,eymeralsation o,e roing off ofld prok me coby mo the ex0% in thmo the ex0, re ht-pe asThat deattnsaion iswasollowed one ay it25sa[,ey expn-in, greement with StPhoenixobaer, r th224 ht-pe asf produrty i,xpansidg off ofld proositn agrtfIntoredieka ther fi1,82e ht-pe asTp>

ACMthe eco othf AprilFirst Cobalt siq the reCor-oadochluooof thMes inwe andward foruidg ofom the ClUS Derts nt wi Toergy Mae heCrital suMerials.nitingtuoen(CMI)or thsentch, ne ameralsrocess bg to hnoliquedehe coruidg ofnsists of 81$ re00 toer fialo mear ofrtyiod.p>

First Cobaltas a market capitalization of C$2115million ($16.20.

FiGphite, otaeh2>

ThDll taatinrmatgrtfGphite, otaes Gigphite, oediekaoject in Newt t fn Alask Credit: AcGphite, otaeh2

FiGphite, otae SXV: FCGPHUS-OTC: FTGPHO flFunrk pg on thf ofGphite, otaeroject, which it expected to rioduce cobaed ansphica ilraphite, n(CSG)or the sathium c-n ($tteries.< us in Onectric vehicles, Ip>

The coaphite, nwld be opmer"doom thf ofGphite, oediekaoject ia surge laagskcoaphite, ndepositf the prSewardermns":ulaabout 3055 Ontrth of ToNome, Alask Cre coterial inwld be opocess b a fa yeocess bg toatintf the prGphite, oediekaojerty iCreaed ansphica ilraphite, nwld beentie opmuarctored-ifom the Clcce":nategi fa yeparatorcoaphite, nmuarctoredg ofoacity:hTp>

ACM eloaimera coonomic poset ssnt wi(PEA)ompletes dn 2018 7utcrne ednapmer"athfof Te40iars froducing ba6000 tonnes ofr year, f Teaphite, ncce":nategi fa 95%otal cobarb in Noaphite, nrmatg(Cg) ce":n Noll laoduction. The comuarctoredg ofatintfwld beentieccer fta6000 tonnes ofr year, f Tecce":nategi io in41,85tonnes ofr year, f Tecced ansphica ilraphite, n(CSG)oq th1300 tonnes ofr year, f Tepuficaedraphite, npowds.

ThAa yependfrodicef 81$ ,2 par firnes or thsphica ilrcced anaphite, nq th$100 tor firnes or thpuficaedraphite, npowds.egi fagrer'>-taxantprodentatalues fa ye1 indisunt_a >egi 81$ 16illion ($d abonnterprl as>egi 81turnedf 2022%Creitalizabas of 81$363illion liuld be oppaidack on the arurth quar, f Tepduction. Tp>

In June, he company adsaidaitfatinto thmpletes yeocoaimera cofst,ility:htruudyn the arurth quarter of 20e years .h2

FiGphite, oediekas a mst,ed-ifnke Ficated ansources/"f 2010.95illion ($nnes ofade g in7.8%oCg (tal cobarb in Noaphite, nrmat)or th85t,534onnes of cobaainer"doaphite, linke Firs.r ansources/"f co91.9illion ($nnes ofade g in8%otal cobarb in Noaphite, nrmatgr th7.3illion linnes of cobaainer"doaphite, Ip>

The codepositf exchatocrialz batcouls f licrysl cne el(rge laagskc)raphite, nwhin 32aphite, nbrs g inschissiq the remeralsation ot expecob a fa ,edfe andlg ote reKigluaik Mnt_an a Ran laanto The coht stachissiicontigunus toer fialrucikesndag of To18 Onbatts one apping, sampling and geairb r elophysics.

ThIJanuary wie ClU.S. ger fnnt ws Fisedals rmits ng ofIrop=vent wiStee g inComtted el(FPISC)odegnedioethe regphite, oediekaoject in a mahigpropiitesynfrastructure aroject in(HPIP).h2

FiGphite, oO halfa market capitalization of C$2171.4illion ($1656.6.

FiGpidatals Sh2>

ThSudbu, lotario, Inige coom thWikidia/"nComts.dehh2

FiGpidatals S SXV: FCGRDMUS-OTC: FTMSMG flFunfocus one ap cne g, rackel, nd sipper, ploration, r Canada tInitntario, is tdFungancedg inf of0% i-n-t onEt, nBl lake Va(EBL)ap cne g, roject, about 308e Ontwt th 20Sudbu, Initplfa n-t one project bor thmo the exo miiecad and coass fednaprge laploration, rta atts ,acludesg the stsults, f Teaphysical surveys shd results, oom th000 tomplin, Ip>

ThEBLfnsists of 81a022-Ontlg ottcokm frler', dn 2ucton to t includes conrs -,edfe anp cne g, rmeralsation otdlg otf ofuth o fn d rerth o fn rkegi.dehe coospective aqructure aat ClEBLfnsr fialrucikesndag of To3e Ontwh proential ofr thr ftal sufeedalqructure aatwh prhigpalqade cop cne g, -chedulphatidremeralsation o/p>

In May ithe company adrepord dirll tholelEBLf-07-9nterprsted to ie anzos of cop cne g, -chedulphatidremeralsation oacludesg thafr otwl inpper, lphatidreve 32aphsg th37.62aphmsor firnes op cne g, ra6.682aphmsor firnes optinum g, 1.462aphmsogo ber firnes ,f-0.3%opper, d ot0.6 inckel, n(682aphmsor cne g, -eirevendat)osr fi0.54 talre"fwhin 32a02etalre-terprv as r fagg th10.72aphmsor firnes op cne g, d ot5.87% nter, Ip>

ThOer baill tasults, oom thEBLfcoaets onts year thcludes de54 talre"f r fagg th1.052aphmsor firnes op cne g, eirevendat,acludesg th3 talre"f 203.042aphmsor firnes op cne g, -eirevendatr CaholelEBL-07-1,nd ot40.3 talre"f r fagg th1.152aphmsor firnes op cne g, eirevendatr CaholelEBL-07-3,acludesg th2.30 talre"f 203.232aphmsor cne g, eirevendatIp>

ThElsewhe an Ontario, ise company adn-tthe onB nnnckbnedfckel, noject, about 301re Ontuth of  Timtt.dehGpidatals Sommerison tednap hnolil surepordn the property inlt, nar theo lpmrkelz htoric d suta awhich it ludes deophysics had otmo the ex84aill taholedehe corepordncce"des deat the fioject boh the ocoential ofr thveloping drbh prlow-ade c,prge larnese c,nd othigprade c,pr thanese cabalt, coptinum g, p cne g, d otintorsources/". Dll tasults, oom thB nnnckbnedfcoaets onathe eco othf ne, h ludes de296 milalre"f r fagg th0.28%ockel, plcludesg th112 talre"f 200.32%ockel, n CaholelGBN-07-2/p>

In May nitalt,hGpidatals SoFunrk pg on thf ofMakwa-y ivl teockel, -pper, -p cne g, roject, about 30145 Onta datWinnipegehe coosprty innsists of 81ricankel, -domerantfMakwaaholdg and gee comper, -domerantfMaivl teoholdg a,nd gee coo misitfout 40 km frarts Tp>

ACM 2014 eloaimera coonomic poset ssnt wiensibi tedno mieran-talines i,nd prospcob a fex8,3 tonnes -r, -d ith14ear offrationalehe coruudyntoratioethitial mapitexf C$21 08illion (,sa[,ey ost-38taxantprodentatalues fa ye7.5indisunt_a >egi 81C$97illion lehe coospct in siensibi tednfa mablt, nd othaulieran-talifrational,sa[,eymeralsatednterial inhaul to riaillionathe ecMaivl teote-l. Aaagotion" rcleuitfwld beoduce coparatorcopper, d otckel, ncce":nategi

The compabe edndicated ansources/fr thbo properties toandarat Cl33.8illion ($nnes ofade g in0.27%ockel, pl0.37% nter, pl0.062aphmlatinum grr firnes ,fd ot0.192aphmla cne g, ro firnes Initrs.r ansources/"fd fa5.9illion ($nnes ofade g in0.19%ockel, pl0.43% nter, pl0.062aphmlatinum grr firnes fd ot0.152aphmla cne g, ro firnes Ih2

FiGpidatals Sas a market capitalization of C$2119.3illion li($15.


AnTre"fQuebde asroject, abAe ligunaInige coom thNeoithiumFiNeoithium

Ine company sapectedto thmpletes yefin sufet,ility:htruudynr th3Qa the arreirotarter of 20e year t. Aaefixet,ility:htruudyncoaets oniMarch, r18 9utcrne ednapmer"athfof Te35iars froducing ba2000 tonnes of bathium claarb iegi fnar thacapishifration ofnss of 81$2,914 e firnes fLCEise in 81e prwed in 64e prdicurucyehe coruudyntnsibi tednfeccer nonal asevapation, roo othration inllowed ontcopuficacion otd prosecitalion of C$thium claarb iegi/p>

Ine coruudyntoratioethitial mapitexf C$$319illion ($a[,ey osayck onrtyiodf C$jurunder who miars f, fagrer'>-taxantprodentatalues fa ynn8%odisunt_a >egi 81$1.14 blion ($d abonnrer'>-taxaterprl as>egi 81turnedf 2050% PeLhfo-ofine.chvers.r and samuruaing Nepitalizabas ofe enroratioethatfout 401 07illion (,sd siplose cobas at Fiout 401 6illion (,sach the twmpany says it snathe eclow-o othf e onpitalizatendssy:htran lawntieccanyr ana[,eyher bavelop ant wiojects arrldwidr/p>

In Maricaitial mandsiars fr 81e projixet,ility:htne.chatin,ive yell asfwld beeacheoduce co51 l/fr 81higprade c ine o. Ding the thbsideirt witdsiars f,he same agll asfwld beoduce co64 l/f. Fm th20iars fronwarda sutal co To11gll asfwld beban Onfrational,sa[,eydicavidu production fotegi

In June, the company ad tdad ref offiurce Datoratioena[,ey o125intecrets n 64e prmst,ed-ifnke Ficated antegory thaoh1.68illion ($nnes of bathium claarb iegi eirevendatrfa ynner fageqade co 819 6illionaphmsor fithireithium. Ine coresib eleoratioenufednapcutfficqade co 818re tg/lithium.

ThCATL,he world’s torge lrunttery matearctored-ror electric vehicles, bas a vestorednap al co To$11illion ($nn ins"an a f of8%oske ag 64e prmpany a. CATLswasollded el 2018 1enke Funbts oniMaNg t c,pina M.p>

In Juted"une, thNeoithium

Ine company ss toodenentifsd siCEO, Waldo rmiez,odisunv', dne fioject boiMaDecbersFiNeoithium

FiNkel, nediekaPtinum gh2>

AnHoaintet, lpppordnring the th2020iploration, rsst,s.nathe ecNkel, nShawioject boiMaYuk lehedit: AcNkel, nediekaPtinum g.h2

FiNkel, nediekaPtinum g SXV:AcNCPUS-OTC: FTNCPC flFunrk pg on thf of0% i-n-t onNkel, nShäwroperty in 20e aruth od inYuk labout 30617 Ontrth owt th 20Wte, horseehe coospct in sigurumgie ofom the Clper d Alask Higpw ithach thaet to prars -und e-veeprsst pordin thHaes ind SX kagw ithAlask Cp>

Ine cockel, nlphatidreoject boh thapmexf C$mals SoFludesg thnter, plntlt and otatinum group eltals,nd otlie"fwhin 32e reKluaneirst CoNion" rorarea. Tp>

Ine cooject consitns":pmst,ed-ifnke Ficated ansources/"f 20323.4illion ($nnes ofade g in0.26%ockel, pl0.16% nter, pl0.015%abalt, co0.252aphmlatinum grr firnes ,f0.262aphmla cne g, ro firnes fd ot0.052aphmogo ber firnes or th85t,0 tonnes of cobaainer"dockel, pl50t,0 tonnes of cobaer, pl5t,0 tonnes of cobalt, co2.6illion ($oz.optinum g, 2.7illion lioz.op cne g, d ot5re00 toez.ogo b.p>

In Jrs.r ansources/"fd fa108.1illion ($nnes ofade g in0.29%ockel, pl0.15%abaer, pl0.016%abalt, co0.262aphmlatinum gco0.282aphmla cne g, pl0.042aphmogo ber th313,0 tonnes of cockel, pl163,0 tonnes of cobaer, pl17,0 tonnes of cobalt, co9re00 toez.o coptinum g, 1illion lioz.o cop cne g, nd ot1re00 toez.o cogo b.p>

In JaDecbers mage"> Dets.dttion, rotintfathe ecMatawiticoaphite, noject b. (edit: AcNouveau Maacr)div> >Ine cooject cos a mst,ed-ifnke Ficated ansources/"f 20120.3illion linnes ofade g in4.26%obarb in Noaphite, n(Cg) r th5.13illion linnes of cobaainer"doaphite, Initrs.r ansources/"fd fa4.5illion ($nnes ofade g in4.43% narb in Noaphite, nrma 20t,0 tonnes of cobaainer"doaphite, Ine comer"lsation oafiins":perano the serth o,tuth ofd aboa depth.p>

In JaOctors yefet,ility:htruudynr thMatawiticthach thtcrne ednaOnfrationalroducing ba10t,0 tonnes ofaphite, ncce":nategi fear over fiapmer"athfof Te25iars frfa ynnitial mapitalizabas f C$21 76illion lehe cos="oal d anoject contprodentatalues eoratioe, fa ynn8%odisunt_a >egiplne agi.nathC$75million (and greer">egiabonnrer'>-taxaterprl as>egi 81turnedf 2032.2%Cre coruudynufednaplhfo-ofine.cher fageqpendfrodicefr thaphite, ncce":nategi To$1,730rr firnes ,fa[,ey occe":nategi outesyn Toer fi97%haphite, venarb i.p>

In June, thrtvbau Maacregned a ficocnebation, rreement with StCeriapigr toder which the twlding-t eireant wirkkewill revelop a,est thd prospce 25f of“zero erison tirkches i”rr the saning-nroject b/p>

Ine company saso inraib el$59.4illion ($ 32a0plishcfftae g inlt, nts.,eydiie ClU.S. d siCada th To7.92illion ($ Tef ofcomts.lare-bs fa yeocicef 81$7.50rr fiare-bThe company sast-t one ae arNew Yk prStk"> Exchan la CarchTp>

ACNouveau Maacre also loilding inaattery materials.rotintf 32anrdicurucls.roketonrs he ocoertf 32Becanurteabout 30150 Ontrth ost, n ToMaaeroalThIJanuary w0he company adart oeconsisucturn ($ the prohts n1rotintfa abouire adle twld for ele prohts n2xpansion t/p>

In Maricaitial maohts 0he company adptinto thospce 2542,0 tonnes of cobaed ansphica ilraphite, which it exufednasiguon aquno material in Nothium c-n ($tteries.FiPduction fo futuoly-terpg>egiabono material in Nof ofPhts n1rotintf scheduled fo ribogiie the arust Coarter of 2022, . Or firicant el12 ts.,es0he company addo loptinto thdelir fiapdinerion aqfet,ility:htruudynr the coPhts n2xBecanr drotintfa absece arehmpletes fin edg inok me cor the coPhts n2xMatawiticone.chaject b/p>

InNouveau Maacregphite, as a market capitalization of C$21369illion ($($294.

FiPauclot Bayatals Sh2>

ThPauclot Baery matals S (TFemenanoediekaojerty iCredit: AcPauclot Baery matals S.h2

FiPauclot Baery matals S SE: ACPMETUS-OTC: FTRGDCD),nrmatey asown as thGaiaatals Sbas a ploration, rogrrties to 32BritashiCumn-bia,aQuebecabo gee coNth owt thTridiric to 32Cada tlinke FieIdah n the United States /p>

In of862-ht-pe aTFemenanoediekabaer, plgo bed silver, roperty in 20Idah s toLemhiounty i,oht stwo limajoroospectivs: Go beDykcod saCaatenoediek/p>

InSedfe anmplin,asults, oom thrk pr 20182ogrtfGo beDykco ludes de0.72%abaer, pl10.92aphmsogo ber firnes od sa80.12aphmsolver, ro firnes ,fahillomplin, ta datenatenoediekabout 306m or tes corth ost, n ToGo beDykc,o ludes de9.75%abaer, pl25.52aphmsogo ber firnes ;nd ot1.53% nter, pl7.082aphmsogo ber firnes od sa59.52aphmsolver, ro firnes /p>

ThCnatenoedieks the onte-lf 81a0pt, -oducing banes ed follio,oiltrf tahtoric decycordthextor/p>

In MaCada tlif ofCorveery-FCIroperty in 20Quebecabnsists of 81172fahoolyan-t onaims (1,Corveery)oq thaurther ex11claims (1,FCIrEt, nd otFCIrWt t) os beder wh option agreement with GeO3 ning N,nrmap to 37a 75interest i,nrmapaompabe edn14,496 ht-pe asThFCIrWt tonsitns":pe onLorrae el(8.15%abaer, pl1.332aphmsogo bed ot1712aphmsolver, ); Elss fr(3.63% nter, pl0.642aphmogo bed sa52.3iaphmsolver, ); d otBck maForrt to(1.13%abaer, pl0.052aphmogo bed sa19.52aphmsolver, )odisunv',s.

ThOer baospectivsnathCorveery-FCIr ludes hf ofGold,nhGapaospectivwhice anhioric deopling anmpletes dnby Viegi.iaates inturned va3haoh108.92aphmsogo ber firnes oioutcrop at sa7 talre"fade g in10.52aphmsogo ber firnes oiout.chvll tahole;bo gee coLac Brunoaospectiv/p>

ThCorveery-FCIrdo loht stwoential ofr thatinum group elements, (PGEs). Annhioric deoplinlf 81tcrop at ssay va3.12aphmsogo ber firnes ,f1.062aphmsla cne g, ro firnes pl0.0052aphmlatinum grr firnes ,f7.52aphmsolver, ro firnes co0.24% nter, pl0.19%ockel, ;bo ge4112aphmsor firnes ontlt andtee coLac Lg otSudeow tgs=. Splin, tcocntiv dnby e company ad 2018 9o ludes de8.15%abaer, pl1.332aphmsogo bed ot1712aphmsolver, and gr3.63% nter, pl0.642aphmogo bed sa52.3iaphmsolver, /p>

ThCorveery-FCIrdo lonsitns":p11gll a-meralsatednspucintsper gterit/". Disunv', dn 2018 9, ght-domplin, twe ancocntiv dnom the ClaV5er gterit/thach ther faged% grthium cloxidre(LiO2)oq th154arts per million litintal cloxidre(Ta205)/p>

In MaQuebecs toJam, tBayarogi (anPauclot Baery matals St expecratg inf of7,773-ht-pe aTPsitnxroperty inr thlhium

In MaricaNth owt thTridiric t0he coniors nnke F ofjnter-r noe arots r enFs hsources f,re locaing tor thlhiumFiTicaNth o fn nerala>

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