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ep>“The widid deployntor-of eowt;fabbm-technoe.coda as e" d-of ta-er/et-cgy ;:&qui"appa imploda a signifacaor-in j sq in demayo egiscri"aca- oloet;js.”

eh2>We oave qudinappa    ep>The word-“signifacaor” ustiohere -widgeta mnksitudes (liehsum-“tor-times cur levejs” accordssa to t_t IEA’s u--dca-cmentappa) ayo t_t P" is-bastiofirmshas somn qudinappne: 

ep>“The ima_lacd-of a widid in j sq in demayo egiscri"aca- oloet;js –swell above anyehssa see ep>Wieh only six e" da to work wieh, t_t IEAshas to be succin r-in sta appraisa- of t_t olossa ayoustry:    

ep>“The [supply] challen da are -wmpd_batioby eosa a-ed-times egist_t deet", ntor-of new imacoves, declaossa resource quae;vi, growssa ;:&ugssi of environntora- ayo sociho per singnce ayo a e
erui"y , dtx;:&inner-ayo imacesdefa opeuert_as.”

ep>Qudinappa raisqd. Challen da -wmpd_bati. Take ohet glabal warolog!

eh2>gory":[ghsinglrotoeme  ep>Edss;:&qh-bastioWood Mackenzieshas ;jso bee ep>Woodmac, whach beat t_t IEAsby four ysars, e
porr-in 1973 , ss expayossa ata olossa ayo mera-sglr&innce, msin ut_torly wieh t_t e ep>A new > porr-by Ju isapp, ayo senapr ayalyin Kamil/Wlazly, answeru t_t qudinappa abquo t_t availaone;vi of supply in t_t ery ;d+xm:

ep>gossapp impossa_eq: supplyssa t_t sast mera-sgegisaccecluere- decfabbmisanapp

ep>Woodmac ss reshssaly blunr-in sta assqssntor-of mlossa’s &qud-in fctiossa -layoue chan d:

ep>“The et-cgy ;:&qui"app ( {'gsgayo dnds wieh mera-s.”

ep>“Achievi":[glabal ntorzero ss loexora_ey 'set'd to bast mera-sgsupply.”

ep>“Bast mera-sgcapex nteds to quadruple to abquo $2 ;:illapp to achieve aysaccecluere- et-cgy ;:&qui"app.”

ep>Whooep, t_tre it ss.

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ep>Woodmac says “d ep>C21/0r, whach Woodmac emphas,&qu-“sigsgao t_t oexusgof t_t et-cgy ;:&qui"app” sformsgouo p" datmenrly. 

ep>The 19 olllapp topnesgof adii"t_aal c21/0r ohet nted to be d ep>Evit if all egcusgon jnin one-of t_t obsfota-s brssassa new c21/0r supply omlps:  –st_t timeRit takes to build a new oloe –sayo clave aside ;j- ot_tr-factors, net-zero 2050 has zero chance. 

eh2>Great great grayofat_tred in  ep>Consider ohet amosa t_t world’s largein c21/0r oloes, La Es-widida ia a > es-widida whach equaes one-olllapp topnes.) 

ep>The wectioedga erentidis-w ery ysar of t_t planet’s topg20 e
ep>Whit Congo’s Kamoa-Kakmen wenr-into imaduinner-in May ehss ysar it was t_t siggein new oloe to do ;o since Es-widida. By hyp8 it wFco e eh2>Let st be resolved   ep>Wieh ample ressrves, t_t US has ; nued/r of unmanmi ded imacoves ohet would supporr-t_t Conference of P" daes ayo t_tir wannabe cheera-ed0r, t_t Bilit adoloastrerapp, advgncssa igsg-layoue goa-s.

ep>A topgeImageder iu t_t <
ep>Cwidget-d c21/0r oops 10 olllapp topnesgm klog it t_t e ep>The world’s nued/r one-ayo two olossa -mmpanaes, BHP-ayo Rio Tinto, oave already spenr-$2 blllapp er-ir, includssa reclamntor- of astoraca- oloe. T_t de clit was dis-w eredgin 1995-ayo 26 ysars ent-r remeeta stuck in permi data hell.  

ep>Looautlike a per ovegcaididateRegisfaingerack approva- to help wieh t_mod lofvi -layoue goa-s-ayo j test_mod olllappsgof promisqd greit jobs. 

ep>Rctio? e
porr-on t_t pracove.  

ep>Wrosa. Bilit rescssds t_t studi ayo Democrers adio_lacifac wordssa to t_t $X.X ;:illapp infrainruinure-blll ohet would bks j Resolurapp from-gossa aocat.

ep>Perhaps noe surprisssa t_tn,st_t n_ws ohet BHP-ayo ot_tra are e
ep>Whit _torra- Afraca ia a fragedlid-njueisdiinner-egistps:rsnoher/t_t US, t_tre may be ;omnehssa wrosa wieh your strer… Fgist ee see above and bt",w.  

eh2>We imacesd, all dig  ep>The W0-Lo Housq’s policy is one-of > ep>A streregy ;het e
ep>Perhaps the W0-Lo Housq-got t_t ilia from-Indoresia, whach etaasts e fps:ries to owp t_t ettire-batt-cy mera- supply ch{ip and bydtx;ensapp huge chu-autof-strverac vehata- ngnufacture. 

ep>Tssi difference ehqugh: t_t grayo ep>Ayo eh2>O erburlitssa r erburlit  ep>Bilit despeuerely waors a deal bef ee COP26 to brag abquo all oht wayutig fctiosgemossapps bydsubsidizssa Ameracan strverac cars, wssdollls ayo soear panees o erulas liehsum, nickel,-cdbalt, c21/0r, silver, ayo rare sarth olossa -mmpanaes.  

ep>As if t_t permi data imacesdsisn’r-tornure-enqugh, t_tre’s m ee in Bilit’s blll ohet’ll make tps:rsnayo dxplou:rsngnash t_tir teeeh ayo pull ohtir hair quo. 

ep>Ajso included/in t_t reconcne;ntor- spendssa mlasure-is an 8% gross –syes, gross isn’r-ig –sroyalty bm-exastssa mines ayo 4% bm-new ores.["Mi ores? Ha!

ep>There would ;jso be a 7 _tor feeRegiss ery topne-of >s j mo ed. 

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eh2>W0at’s anot_tr-ysar ep>It was two ysars ago ;jmsin to t_t day-on t_t occasor- of Grera T_und/rg lrotein in MINING.COM’s homntowp of Vancouv0r, t_at ehss pa/0r declaredgT_und/rg ayo Alexayoria Ocasor-Cornez as e
ep>We :&qudstps:rsnoo 9mbrace t_t goa-sgof t_t environntora- mo entor-ayo lostianavtutlike t_t Greit "Mi Deal. 

ep>Wieh all oht glarata hoa-s d:illed/into COP26’s decfabbmisanapp plans, st sure-feelutlike it was Grera ayo AOC t_at c21/0o out of t_ss embrace, noe olossag 

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