Itakpe Iron Ore Project

Itakpe, Advani, Kogi State

Key Information


Itakpe, Adavi, LGA Kogi State


Hematite and Magnetite

Exploration Status

Completed by Exploration and Mining Division of Nigeria Steel Development, /V/O Techno export of former USSR


310 million tonnes

Iron Content


Geology and Mineralisation:


– Within the Pre-Cambrian cystaline rocks.

– Confined to a ridge striking latitudinally for 3km.

-Elevation range from 310-410m.

-Over 25 layers of ferruginous quartzites ranging from 1m to 40m thickness and some thin layers of ore bearing zones.

– Other rocks include gneisses amphibolites, granites, migmatites and other stratified rocks that host the iron ores.



-Detailed exploration by the joint Exploration Division of the Nigerian Steel Development Authority and Techno export of former USSR.

-More than 25 layers of ferruginous quatzites 1m to 40m thick and some thin layers of the ore free quartzite have been singled out within the ore bearing bodies.

-Iron content ranges between 15% and 65%, average S0 content 44%, phosphorus content 0.05% and sulphur content 2.5%.

-Geological and Geophysical maps on scale 1:5000, Cross sections and logs.



-Access to site from Lokoja, Capital of Kogi State.

-170km from Lokoja to Abuja International Airport.

-Rail line from the site to Ajaokuta Steel Plant and Aladja Steel Plant.

-Ongoing dredging from Lokoja to the coast will ease transportation.


Licensing Round




1. Applying for mineral titles with a view of wholly owning the mining rights.

2. Partnering with existing title holders for detailed exploration as consultants and specialists.

3. Partnering with existing title holders in joint venture agreement to explore, mine and market resources of area of interest.

4. Legal transaction in commodities won in quarries and operations for export. 

Potential investors are invited to contact the following for further information

Listing Information

Kogi State, Nigeria

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