Guelb Moghrein Copper Project

Akjoujt, Mauritania

Key Information:


4km to the west of Akjoujt town in the Inchiri region (Mauritania)


Copper Ore

Project Status



Total Measured + Indicated at 23.7 Mtonnes


22.5% grade copper with credits for gold in concentrate


Guelb Moghrein mineralisation is a structurally modified iron ore copper gold (IOCG) deposit that is hosted in a coarse grained ferro-magnesian carbonate (FMC) unit. The main sulphide minerals are chalcopyrite and pyrrhotite with magnetite becoming more abundant external to the sulphide bodies. The zones of mineralisation were strongly controlled by tectonic shearing and faulting which resulted in topographic expressions of the deposit in the form of two hills known as the Occidental and Oriental hills.

Project Owner:

The Guelb Moghrein copper-gold mine is 100% owned by Mauritanian Copper Mines (MCM), a subsidiary of FQM. FQM acquired an 80% interest in the asset in 2004 and achieved commercial production in 2006. In 2010, the Company increased its ownership in Guelb Moghrein to 100%. In addition to the Guelb Moghrein mining concession of 81 km2 , valid until 2042, the Company holds five exploration concessions in the area totalling 5,581 km2 either directly through MCM or since 2011, through Mauritania Exploration SARL a wholly-owned entity.

Project Status:

Mining at Guelb Moghrein is carried out in a single open pit using hydraulic excavators and mechanical drive haul trucks. Sulphide ore is treated in an adjacent processing plant producing a copper-gold concentrate. During 2015 the plant produced approximately 17,000 tonnes of concentrate per month at a grade of 22.5% Cu with credits received for gold in the concentrate. Total production for the year was 45,001 tonnes of copper in concentrate with 47,322 oz of gold also in the concentrate. A total of 27.5 Mt was mined 2015, made up of 3.8 Mt of ore and 23.7 Mt of waste. A magnetite plant was commissioned during first quarter of 2015. After successful commissioning, operation of that plant was subsequently suspended due to low iron ore prices.

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Mauritanian Copper Mines (MCM)

Listing Information

4km to the west of Akjoujt town, Inchiri region.

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