Agbado-Okudu Iron Ore Project

Ilorin-Egbe-Lokoja Road, Egbe, Nigeria

Key Information


Agbado-Okudu, Lokoja LGA, Kogi State


Hematite and Magnetite

Exploration Status

Ongoing by National Steel Raw Materials Exploration Agency, over 80% completed


60 million tonnes (inferred)

Iron Content


Geology and Mineralization: 

Agbado-Okudu iron ore deposit occurs as a metasedimentary iron formation within the Igarra-Kabba-Jakura complex in association with gneisses, amphibolites, pegmatites and quartzite. 

The ores occur as massive, laminated and brecciated. 


  • Detailed exploration by National Steel Raw Materials Exploration Agency is still ongoing. 
  • Five (5) additional core boreholes of 80-380m to be drilled and more samples analysed for sufficient geosciences data for reserve estimation. 
  • Geological Maps (1:5000), Cross Sections and logs produced. 


Agado-Okudu deposit is located about 16km north east of Obajana Cement Factory in Agbado-Okudu, Lokoja LGA, yogi State and lies between latitudes 7’25’29 and 8’00’23’N and longitudes 6’28’12 and 6’28’23E. 


  • Access to site from Lokoja, capital of Kogi State 
  • 170km from Lokoja to Abuja International Airport 
  • Dredging of River Niger from Lokoja to the coast will ease transportation


Licensing Round




1. Applying for mineral titles with a view of wholly owning the mining rights.

2. Partnering with existing title holders for detailed exploration as consultants and specialists.

3. Partnering with existing title holders in joint venture agreement to explore, mine and market resources of area of interest.

4. Legal transaction in commodities won in quarries and operations for export. 

Potential investors are invited to contact the following for further information

Listing Information

Kogi State, Nigeria

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