3T’ (Tin, Tungstens & Tantalum) Project

Ruhango, Rwanda

Key Overview:


Nyarusange sector of Muhanga district and Mwendo of Ruhango district


3Ts, Coltan, Cassiterite

Project Status



2,175 ha

Licence Situation

No Licenses Issued


Southernly extension of granite from Gatumba mining area, with significant structural complexity and known 3T occurrences.

Project Owner:

This opportunity is promoted by the Rwanda Mines, Petroleum, and Gas Board (RMB). Established in February 2017, RMB is the Rwandan Government body responsible for implementing and advising the government on national policies, laws, and strategy related to mines, petroleum, and gas. It is also mandated to monitor and coordinate the implementation of strategies related to mines, petroleum and gas. In addition to monitoring, it is supposed to carryout research & exploration in geology, mining and petroleum and to disseminate the findings.

Project Status:

Limited work have been carried out, there is need for further exploration. 3Ts, dominated by pegmatite and quartz veins with coltan and cassiterite. Based on basic geological setting and past mining activities there is potential for a large scale mine.

Available Data:

  • Geological maps
  • Reports -PGW(2010), Beak (2013), BSC(2015), B2B(2017), & Bridgeporth (2017)


Good Road Access and Power/Water Readily Available.


Licensing Round



Open to application

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Ruhango, Rwanda

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