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The Republic of Sudan is located in the northeastern part of the African continent geographically but it is considered part of the Middle East culturally and politically. Sudan is bordered to the south by the newly formed nation of South Sudan, which was part of the Republic of Sudan till January of 2011. It is bordered by the Red Sea, Eritrea, and Ethiopia to the east, Chad, Central African Republic, and Libya to the west, and Egypt to the north. Sudan’s total land area amounts to some 1,861,484 square kilometres. According to the Ministry of Mining and Mineral Resources, about two-thirds of this land has potential for the commercial development of minerals.

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Sudan is the third-largest country in Africa by surface area. With such a big area and diversified geology which merges across the boundaries between multiple countries, Sudan has a huge mineral potential yet to be evaluated and developed. The geology of Sudan is dominated by the basement complex formations that cover more than 50% of its area. The Late-Precambrian juvenile basement, Middle Precambrian basement and Early Proterozoic to Archean rock units.

Sudan has a long history and a big heritage of Mining culture which go back to three thousand years when Nubians extracted gold and base metals and smelted iron to make water wells. Mineral resources have not been fully explored as of yet but include petroleum, natural gas, gold, silver, chrome, asbestos, manganese, gypsum, mica, zinc, iron, lead, uranium, copper, kaolin, cobalt, granite, nickel and tin. Since the economic shock of South Sudan’s independence, Sudan has struggled to stabilise its economy and make up for the loss of foreign exchange earnings. The current government of Sudan are trying to revitalise the mining sector in the country to compensate for the loss of oil revenue.

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