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The Ministry of Mines and Steels Development (MMSD) is an agency set up to unlock the economic potentials of the solid minerals sub-sector in Nigeria. The MMSD was established in 1985 as a bold attempt by the Nigerian Government to spur the rapid and beneficial development of the country's solid mineral resources. We are an agency set up to unlock the economic potentials of the solid minerals sub-sector. The MMSD is responsible for identifying the nation's solid minerals, advising government on the formulation and execution of laws and regulations guiding the various stages of prospecting, quarrying, and mining; and handling sale and consumption of solid minerals in the country, through the issuance of Permits, Licenses, Leases and Collection of rents, Fees and Royalties.

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Nigeria is one of Sub Saharan Africa’s largest economies and relies heavily on oil as its main source of foreign exchange earnings and government revenues. Nigeria is Africa’s largest producer of crude oil. In 2015 – total crude oil production was 776,668,000 barrels, a decrease of 2.74% compared to the previous year. In terms of exports, a total of 60,557,000 barrels of crude oil was exported. In the gas sector, a total of 3,250,667.66 million standard cubic feet per day of natural gas production was reported by thirty-four (34) companies. This shows an increase of 25.36% when compared with 2014 production.

Export gas sales volume increased by 1.72% (16 thousand metric tons) in 2015 (i.e. 951 thousand metric tons in 2014 and 967 thousand metric tons in 2015). Nigeria is richly endowed with various types of mineral resources. The 2015 NEITI Solid Minerals Audit report notes that the government is committed to diversifying the nation’s economy; from dependence on oil revenue to non-oil revenues. In September 2016, the Federal Government of Nigeria through the Ministry of Mines and Steel Development, re-launched the Solid Minerals Policy Road Map, aimed at ensuring policy continuity and consistency in the sector. During the year, 2015, the total volume/quantity of actual mineral production was 30,520,114.59 tonne and the total volume/quantity used or sold was 39,272,590.75.

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