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The mining sector in Burkina Faso is considered one of the most dynamic in West Africa. The development of the mining sector was made possible through intensified investment, the opening of industrial mines and an evolution of the legal and regulatory framework for the sector. It covers an area of 274,000 Km2 with a population of 16 million and a GDP of 17.3 billion USD (2020). The country is known for its Gold production with over 900 mining sites and 10, in 2019 62 metric tons of gold was produced from the country with more than 150 metric tons (source: EITI), other major resources include diamond, copper, zinc, lead, dolomite, limestone, manganese and phosphate.

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Burkina Faso has been majorly an agricultural driven economy employing more than 80% of its work force. Gold mining activities in the country gained global attention from 2013 when it reached 33 tons making the country 4th largest gold producing nation in the continent.

After the change in government in 2014, the interim government introduced mining code in June 2015, making mining sector more reliable and transparent. The mining sector of the country is regarded as the most dynamic in West Africa with industrial evolution from legal and regulatory framework, the country is ranked 151st in the ease of doing business according to world bank


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