Borno State, Nigeria

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Borno state is pluralistic in ethnic composition with rich but diverse historical and cultural heritage that dates back to over one thousand (1000) years. It borders the Republics of Cameroun, Chad and Niger making it a major trading hub of goods. It also borders the Nigerian states of Yobe, Adamawa, and Gombe. The Nickname of Borno State is “Home of Peace”; it is mainly agrarian with large deposits of mineral resources. A major source of freshwater fish in the country as it houses part of Lake Chad.

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The Borno State Liaison office of the Raw Materials Research and Development Council has a list of minerals in the area. Clay, salt and potash deposits are found in the Chad plains. Limestone and kaolin deposits abound in the Bima Sandstones. Volcanic and Basement Complex rocks contain iron ore, uranium, quartz, magnesite, mica and granite.

Oil prospecting has been undertaken by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) in the Chad Basin in Borno State; but so far, no discoveries have been made, although in the Chad Republic there are commercial oil and gas fields that are about to be developed.

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